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?What is AbFinderR

AbFinderR is bioinformatic tool developed by Bioelectronica, it allows researchers to analyze and visualize single-cell antibody sequences, streaming the antibody hits to leads selection process. 
AbFinder is a perfect downstream solution for selection of best antibodies from hundreds to thousands of antibody candidates generated by Hypercell single B cell sorting system, leveraging the power of new generation of single cell sorter and NGS (Next-generation sequencing).
AbFinder makes bioinformatics accessible by providing a simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface that transforms raw sequence data into meaningful visualizations for selection guidance. 


Without mastering programming skills, uncover comprehensive antibody characteristics, such as distribution of gene family, somatic hypermutation, CDR3 length, phylogenetic tree etc.

Simple workflow


Fast data processing

Short data process time, complete database alignment, gene annotation and sequence feature visualization within an hour

Intuitive user interface

Users can browse and compare entire dataset as well as selected dataset of natively paired heavy and light chains

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